The XML replacements option allows you to modify XML files of your container's configuration using XPath statements.

This feature is only available for standalone local containers, and does work with the Cargo Daemon since version 1.4.12.


In some cases, it is necessary to modify XML files of your container. This can be done using Cargo's xmlReplacements option, accessible via the Cargo APIs.

You might for example want to modify the defaultHost for your Tomcat instance.

Example using the Java API

LocalContainer container = ...;
StandaloneLocalConfiguration configuration = (StandaloneLocalConfiguration) getLocalContainer().getConfiguration();

XmlReplacement defaultHost = new XmlReplacement();

Some notes:

  • The attributeName parameter is optional -if you don't specify it, then Cargo will replace directly the value of the node
  • If the value corresponds to an existing configuration property (such as cargo.hostname for example) then Cargo will reuse it from the configuration
  • Finally, there is another parameter ignoreIfNonExisting which, when set to TRUE, will make the XML replacement tool ignore if that specific XPath doesn't exist in the XML file

Example using the ANT tasks

<cargo containerId="@{containerId}" action="@{action}">
  <configuration home="${configuration.home}">
    <xmlreplacement file="conf/server.xml" xpathexpression="//Server/Engine" attributename="defaultHost" value="myhost"/>

Example using the Maven 3 plugin

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