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Functional Testing with Cargo

This page explains how to do functional testing with the Cargo Java API and JUnit.

Are you using Ant or Maven 3?

If you are relying on Ant or Maven 3 for your build, it is probably easier for you to use the associated tasks/plugin directly:

  • The documentation for our Ant tasks can be found here: Ant support.
  • The documentation for our Maven 3 plugin can be found here: Maven 3 Plugin.

Note that the Maven 3 plugin also has archetypes you can directly use as a skeleton for integration.


The best is to create a JUnit TestSetup extension so that you start and stop your container once for the whole test suite. For example:

import junit.extensions.TestSetup;
import junit.framework.Test;

public class CargoTestSetup extends TestSetup
    InstalledLocalContainer container;

    public CargoTestSetup(Test test)

    protected void setUp() throws Exception
        // (1) Optional step to install the container from a URL pointing to its distribution
        Installer installer = new ZipURLInstaller(
            new URL(""));

        // (2) Create the Cargo Container instance wrapping our physical container
        LocalConfiguration configuration = (LocalConfiguration) new DefaultConfigurationFactory().createConfiguration(
            "tomcat7x", ContainerType.INSTALLED, ConfigurationType.STANDALONE);
        InstalledLocalContainer container =
            (InstalledLocalContainer) new DefaultContainerFactory().createContainer(
                "tomcat7x", ContainerType.INSTALLED, configuration);

        // (3) Statically deploy some WAR (optional)
        configuration.addDeployable(new WAR("cargo.war"));

        // (4) Start the container

    protected void tearDown() throws Exception
        // (6) Stop the container

Then write your test case. For example:

import junit.framework.TestCase;
import junit.framework.Test;
import junit.framework.TestSuite;

public class MyTest extends TestCase
    public static Test suite()
        TestSuite suite = new TestSuite(MyTest.class);
        return new CargoTestSetup(suite);

    public void testSomething()
        // (5) Perform any test you wish here


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