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Java API

Cargo offers primarily a Java API. It is meant to be embedded in your application. You'll need Java SE version 7 or greater.

You have two choices to pick from the Downloads page:

  • the cargo-core-api-* jars and the container implementations you wish to use (cargo-core-container-* jars)
  • or the cargo-core-uberjar jar which aggregates all the required jars

Cargo's base dependencies are as follows:

In addition, some specific containers (for example, JRun) and some deployables (for example, Tomcat WARs) require the following:

Apache Ant

If you want use the Cargo Ant tasks, add the following JARs to ANT's classpath:

  • The same jars as for the Java API (i.e., either the API JARs + the container(s) or the uberjar)
  • The cargo-ant JAR, containing the <taskdef> definition (see the Ant support page)

Apache Maven 2 / Maven 3

Maven 2 / Maven 3 will automatically download all required dependencies: see the Maven2 plugin page. As a result, no installation is required for Maven 2 / Maven 3.

If you are creating a Java applications which use the Cargo via API, you need to add as dependency either the artifact for your favorite container or the uberjar (which contains all containers). See below

Example for adding the Codehaus Cargo uberjar as dependency
Example for adding the Codehaus Cargo Tomcat container as dependency
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