Cargo Code Style

The following sections show how to set up the code style for Cargo in IDEA and Eclipse. It is strongly preferred that patches use this style before they are applied.

Eclipse 3.x

Download cargo-eclipse-codestyle.xml.

After this, select Window > Preferences, and open up the configuration for Java > Code Style > Code Formatter. Click on the button labeled Import... and select the file you downloaded. Give the style a name, and click OK.

IntelliJ IDEA 4.5+

Download cargo-idea-codestyle.xml.

Close IntelliJ IDEA. Place the file in your IntelliJ IDEA user configuration directory. For example for Windows Vista users of Intellij IDEA v6.x, it's in C:\Users[username]\.IntelliJIdea60\config\codestyles. Then open IntelliJ IDEA again, select File > Project Settings > Project Code Style, select Use per-project code style scheme, click on Import... and select cargo.

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