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A configuration for a container that is already started


This configuration represents a container that is already running somewhere, be it on the same machine as Cargo or not, that might have been started by Cargo or not. Cargo accesses that container using a remote access protocol and the container is considered as a black box.

This configuration is typically used in order to remotely deploy applications.

Support Matrix



Maven 3




Java API

There are different ways of using a runtime configuration:

  • By directly instantiating the configuration matching your container. For example:
Configuration configuration = new TomcatRuntimeConfiguration();
  • By using the DefaultConfigurationFactory which automatically maps the right implementation for the container you're using. For example:
ConfigurationFactory factory = new DefaultConfigurationFactory();
Configuration configuration = factory.createConfiguration("tomcat5x", 
    ContainerType.REMOTE, ConfigurationType.RUNTIME);

Ant Task


<cargo containerId="tomcat5x" [...]>
  <configuration type="runtime"/>

Maven 3 Plugin



Note that the Maven 3 Archetype showing remote deployer support is a complete and easy-to-use example for remote deployment. Please read: Webapp Creation and Remote Deployment Archetype.

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