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Dear Cargo enthusiasts

Happy 2016 - And to start the celebrations well here comes the version 1.4.18! This new version comes with the below improvements and fixes:

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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

As very few of us have been naughty over the year, Santa decided we can have our new version of Codehaus Cargo a bit earlier (smile)

So, we are happy to announce our latest version for 2015, version 1.4.17, is out. It comes with many bugfixes and small improvements:

  • We finally documented how to achieve multi-container configurations by combining our ANT tasks and Maven2/Maven3 plugin in a brand new Maven2/Maven3 archetype, closing three of our oldest JIRA entries [CARGO-421CARGO-541] [CARGO-572].
  • Containers - JBoss:

    • [CARGO-1347] - Add JBoss 7.5 (EAP 6.4) container

  • Containers - Tomcat:

    • [CARGO-1349] - The shared.loader property replacement creates wrong entries

    • [CARGO-1342] - Cannot perform remote deployment if Tomcat is behind Apache mod_proxy

    • [CARGO-1350] - Make the setting of the AJP port optional
  • Containers - WebLogic:
    • [CARGO-1251] - Replace weblogic.Admin with weblogic.WLST

    • [CARGO-1332] - Refactor WebLogic WLST script templates to be stored as Jython files

    • [CARGO-1344] - Weblogic WLST: add sample test artifact

  • Extensions - ANT:

    • [CARGO-1348] - The daemon-stop ANT task doesn't stop but rather attempt restart

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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

After a couple months of silence, we are happy to announce that a new version of Codehaus Cargo, 1.4.16, is now ready. It comes with many bugfixes and small improvements:

  • Build procedure
    • [CARGO-1330] - Clean the maven-javadoc-plugin configuration
  • Cargo Daemon
    • [CARGO-1333] - Update documentation: XML replacement does work with the Cargo Daemon
  • Core
    • [CARGO-1336] - Cargo does not fail correctly when the downloaded ZIP file is broken
  • Containers - JBoss / WildFly
    • [CARGO-1339] - Make the JBoss (or WildFly deployer) not rename the deployable file name if the WAR has a jboss-web.xml with a context defined in it
  • Containers - Tomcat
    • [CARGO-1334] - Avoid WARNING "attribute resolveHosts no longer supported" in Tomcat 7.x and 8.x
    • [CARGO-1337] - Avoid WARNING messages when shutting down the Tomcat container
  • Containers - WebLogic
    • [CARGO-1338] - WebLogic 12.1.x throws error when creating duplicate user group
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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

The new version of Codehaus Cargo, 1.4.15, is now ready! It comes with many bugfixes, improvements and new features:

  • Containers - JBoss
  • Containers - Tomcat
    • [CARGO-1325] - Add nonce support for the TomcatManager
  • Contaners - WebLogic
    • [CARGO-1317] - Add support for setting admin username and password
    • [CARGO-1316] - Adding JMS Resource support for WebLogic container
    • [CARGO-1323] - Impossible to create default WebLogic domain on Windows
    • [CARGO-1321] - Loose coupling between WebLogic121xWlstInstalledLocalContainer and WebLogic121xWlstStandaloneLocalConfiguration
    • [CARGO-1326] - NullPointerException when skipped <cargo.servlet.users> tag
    • [CARGO-1320] - Support for adding needed WebLogic JMS resources if they aren't defined in properties
    • [CARGO-1324] - WebLogic JMS resources - missing id
    • [CARGO-1327] - WebLogic startup time improvement
  • Containers - WildFly
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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

As you might have heard, Codehaus is getting shut down. Obviously, it would be a pity to lose Cargo, so we took action to ensure its continuity:

We are also happy to present to you Codehaus Cargo's new version, 1.4.14. This version updates all references and pages to the new Web site, and comes with a small number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • [CARGO-1251] - Replace weblogic.Admin with weblogic.WLST
  • [CARGO-1312] - CargoDaemonServlet should load on startup
  • [CARGO-1313] - Add support for JBoss virtual-host statements
  • [CARGO-1315] - The undeploy command of the Jetty remote deployer doesn't work for WARs outside the webapps folder

To try it out:

We hope you enjoy our new features on our Web site, and of course also this new version of Codehaus Cargo!

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