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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

After another month since our last release, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of Codehaus Cargo 1.7.7. This release comes with the below bug fixes and improvements, as well as another very important change to ensure the licenses are correct:

  • General

  • Containers - JBoss

  • Containers - Jetty

    • [CARGO-1492] - Remove the webdefault.xml files from Codehaus Cargo and use XML replacements instead

    • [CARGO-1495] - The Jetty Embedded Local Container doesn't work with Jetty 9.4.20

  • Containers - WebSphere

    • [CARGO-1493] - Deployer start / stop feature for WebSphere

  • Containers - WildFly

For the ones wondering about the license topic: The license of Codehaus Cargo itself, as well as the Uberjar is Apache License 2.0 (except for the WebSphere Liberty container which has been released under the MIT License). In case you want to use the Java API offline with some containers / deployables, the DTD parsers require some XML files to be available in the classpath, yet these files have “various” licenses. In order to resolve this, Codehaus Cargo versions 1.7.7 onwards have these DTDs in a separate JAR, not part of the Uberjar. This means that:

To try it out:


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