Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

A bit more than a month after our last release, we are happy to announce Codehaus Cargo 1.10.9, which features the below fixes, improvements and new features:

  • Core

    • [CARGO-1609] Avoid illegal reflective access operation messages with Java 9 onwards

  • Containers - Jetty

  • Containers - WildFly

  • Extensions - Maven 3 plugin

    • [CARGO-1612] Make the containerUrl optional for cargo:run, so that it downloads the default artifact of the tested CI version

Jetty 12.x has quite a unique design, where it supports and can simultaneously run Java EE 8, Jakarta EE 9 and Jakarta EE 10; the associated Codehaus Cargo container also hence supports the same, with the consequence that there is no embedded container, nor a remote deployer (though the latter could come soon). The one who loom at the deep details will also notice that cargo.jetty.createContextXml is now renamed as cargo.jetty.deployer.createContextXml (and has a proper Javadoc about what it really does).

To upgrade to this latest version:


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