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Stop a running container

This feature is only available for local containers

Note: The stop action waits till the container is fully stopped before returning.

Example using the Java API

Stopping Orion 1.x:

InstalledLocalContainer container = new Orion1xInstalledLocalContainer(
    new OrionStandaloneConfiguration("target/orion1x"));


Example using the Ant API

Stopping Orion 1.x:

<cargo refId="mycontainerid" home="c:/apps/orion-1.6.0b" action="stop"/>

Note that if you use the refid attribute you'll need to have defined it using an id attribute when you started the container. For example:

<cargo id="mycontainerid" [...] action="start">
<cargo refid="mycontainerid" [...] action="stop"/>

Alternatively you could specify a full configuration if you don't want to use the refid attribute.

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