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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

We are happy to announce Codehaus Cargo 1.9.5, which includes two bug fixes:

  • Containers - Tomcat

    • [CARGO-1563] redeploy fails when <properties> element has <context>ROOT</context>

    • [CARGO-1564] JOTM UserTransactionFactory is always added to my Tomcat server.xml
      This bug is an interesting one: the JOTM UserTransactionFactory, though seemingly “never” used, has been added to the Tomcat server.xml since the initial commit of the Tomcat 5.x standalone configuration back in 2007, where the only statement explaining it was we will likely need a transaction factory too, though our many integration tests show that we actually do not.

This version also comes with some behind the scenes improvements so Codehaus Cargo can be built on JDK 16, though one will need to follow the instructions for building on non JDK 11 versions to fully achieve a build (and a release is not possible on any other JDK than JDK 11). These should, nevertheless, be a non-impact for you as a user and you can use any Java environment version 8 or above.

To upgrade to this latest version:


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