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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

We are happy to announce Codehaus Cargo 1.9.3, which includes the below improvements:

  • Core API

    • [CARGO-1556] - Allow setting the JVM classpath using a -classpath or -cp argument set as GeneralPropertySet.JVMARGS or GeneralPropertySet.START_JVMARGS
      This comes on top of the existing methods for setting an extra classpath or an application classpath, and can be useful if you want to, for example, change the container’s Java loggers and these require specific libraries in the JVM classpath

  • Containers - Jetty

    • [CARGO-1554] - Have a user-friendly way of (de)activating Jetty modules
      Please note that this is only for Jetty 10.x and onwards - As even Jetty 9.x has different ways of (de)activating its modules between minor versions…

  • Containers - WildFly

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