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Dear Codehaus Cargo enthusiasts

Slightly less a month after our last release, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of Codehaus Cargo 1.7.6. This release comes with one bug fix and one very important change to ensure the licenses are correct:

  • General

    • [CARGO-1489] - Incorrect license of cargo-core-uberjar

  • Containers - WildFly

    • [CARGO-1488] - lines ending

For the ones wondering about the license topic: The license of Codehaus Cargo itself, as well as the Uberjar is Apache License 2.0 (except for the WebSphere Liberty container which has been released under the MIT License), but the cargo-core-uberjar artifact up until this very version has been containing files having LGPL license (coming transitively from JOnAS through repackaging). In order to resolve this, Codehaus Cargo versions 1.7.6 onwards will not contain the JOnAS Configurator in the Uberjar. This means that:

  • If you plan to use the Codehaus Cargo JOnAS containers via Java API, ANT or the Cargo Daemon, you will have to download the JOnAS Configurator JARs separately and put them in your classpath.

  • This does not affect the Maven2 / Maven 3 plugin, as it will download the required dependencies automatically (and, since Maven downloads and stores the JOnAS Configurator JARs separately from Codehaus Cargo you won’t run into license issues).

To try it out:


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