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updating samples test cases.

1. find the test case you wish to copy.

copy recursively resources/testdata/<you_want_to_copy>-war to a new folder (ex. resources/testdata/NEW-war)
edit resources/testdata/new-war/pom.xml (change artifact-id to NEW-war, and name to something descriptive )
edit resources/testdata/pom.xml and add module NEW-war

edit core/samples/pom.xml
under Test data artifacts, add


under Location of testdata dependencies..., add


this will create a property that an implementation of AbstractDataSourceWarCapabilityContainerTestCase can understand

add a new test class that does what you want, extending AbstractDataSourceWarCapabilityContainerTestCase or a subclass of it. Make sure you use an appropriate Validator for the configuration type you are concerned with. Otherwise you may end up testing invalid containers.

finally, execute mvn -P<container_to_test> install from the root of Cargo.

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