Class AbstractIntrospectionGenericHintFactory<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractIntrospectionGenericHintFactory

        public AbstractIntrospectionGenericHintFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • registerImplementation

        protected void registerImplementation​(RegistrationKey key,
                                              String objectClassName)
        Allow registering container objects using introspection so that at build time and runtime the user can handpick the container implementation jars that he want to use. If we were not using introspection the user would have to have all container implementation jars in the classpath when using this generic API.
        key - the key under which to register the class name
        objectClassName - the object to register
      • createImplementation

        protected T createImplementation​(RegistrationKey key,
                                         AbstractGenericHintFactory.GenericParameters parameters,
                                         String implementationConceptName)
        Generic method to create an implementation based on the registered implementation classes.
        createImplementation in class AbstractGenericHintFactory<T>
        key - the key under which the implementation class is registered
        parameters - the additional parameters necessary to create the constructor object
        implementationConceptName - the name of what the implementation class is representing. This is used in exception text messages to provide message customization. For example "container", "configuration", "deployable', etc.
        the created instance