Class WebLogic9xStandaloneLocalConfiguration

    • Method Detail

      • deployCargoPing

        protected void deployCargoPing​(WebLogicLocalContainer container)
                                throws IOException
        Deploy the Cargo Ping utility to the container.
        container - the container to configure
        IOException - if the cargo ping deployment fails
      • getDomainHome

        public String getDomainHome()
        The DOMAIN_HOME holds the configuration and runtime files of a WebLogic domain. One or more server processes execute from this directory and must have permissions to write to it.
        Specified by:
        getDomainHome in interface WebLogicConfiguration
        The DOMAIN_HOME, or instance-specific installation of WebLogic
      • linkDataSourceToConfigXml

        protected void linkDataSourceToConfigXml​(DataSource ds)
        This will add a reference to an externally defined datasource file into the config.xml file.
        ds - - datasource to reference
      • addDataSourceToDomain

        protected void addDataSourceToDomain​(DataSource ds,
                                             Element domain)
        Insert the corresponding datasource element into the domain of the WebLogic server.
        ds - - datasource component to configure
        domain - - Domain element of the WebLogic server
      • getServerName

        protected String getServerName()
        return the running server's name.
        the WebLogic server's name
      • writeConfigXml

        public void writeConfigXml​(Document configXml)
        write the domain's config.xml to disk.
        configXml - document to write to disk
      • readConfigXml

        public Document readConfigXml()
        read the domain's config.xml file into a Document.
        Document corresponding with config.xml
      • createBlankDataSourceFile

        protected void createBlankDataSourceFile​(String path)
        Create a blank datasource file with correct namespace.
        path - where to create the base file.
      • getConfigXmlPath

        protected String getConfigXmlPath()
        Return the absolute path of the config.xml file.
        path including config.xml
      • buildDataSourceFileName

        protected String buildDataSourceFileName​(DataSource ds)
        determines the full path to store the datasource configuration file.
        ds - datasource to determine the filename of
        full path to the datasource configuration file
      • getOrCreateResourceConfigurationFile

        protected String getOrCreateResourceConfigurationFile​(Resource resource,
                                                              LocalContainer container)
        note that this file could hold other configuration besides Resources. This implementation throws an UnsupportedOperationException as Resource configuration is not supported in WebLogic.
        Specified by:
        getOrCreateResourceConfigurationFile in class AbstractStandaloneLocalConfigurationWithXMLConfigurationBuilder
        resource - the Resource configuration you wish to install on the container.
        container - the container whose configuration you wish to affect.
        the file that holds Resource configuration.
      • getXpathForResourcesParent

        protected String getXpathForResourcesParent()
        Resource entries must be stored in the xml configuration file. Under which element do we insert the entries? example: //Engine/DefaultContext This implementation throws an UnsupportedOperationException as Resource configuration is not supported in WebLogic.
        Specified by:
        getXpathForResourcesParent in class AbstractStandaloneLocalConfigurationWithXMLConfigurationBuilder
        path the the parent element Resources should be inserted under.