Interface WebLogicLocalContainer

    • Method Detail

      • getBeaHome

        String getBeaHome()
        The BEA_HOME is a root directory for various versions of WebLogic server. Multiple BEA_HOMEs may exist on a machine, and any changes to this folder will affect all configurations that use it. The BEA_HOME is read-only to running processes. It is modified when patching or installing new versions of WebLogic.
        The BEA_HOME of this WebLogic installation.
      • getWeblogicHome

        String getWeblogicHome()
        There are one or many WL_HOMEs per BEA_HOME. This path contains the versioned WebLogic libraries used by running configurations. This area is typically read-only to running processes. It is modified when patching or adding new extensions to an existing version of WebLogic.
        The WL_HOME, or version-specific installation
      • getAutoDeployDirectory

        String getAutoDeployDirectory()
        When valid deployment files are written to auto-deploy directory, WebLogic will deploy and start them automatically. This mechanism only works when ProductionMode is disabled, on single-server domains.
        The auto-deploy directory
      • getVersion

        String getVersion​(String defaultVersion)
        Parse installed WebLogic version.
        defaultVersion - the version used if the exact WebLogic version can't be determined
        the WebLogic version, or defaultVersion if the version number could not be determined.