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Dear enthusiasts

A couple days after our last release, please welcome our new version 1.6.0.

This new versions marks a major change: we now switched to Java 6 (CARGO-1395) - Which changes (and hopefully simplifies!) a lot of things:

  • Java 6 or later is now required to build as well as to run Codehaus Cargo
    Note: The switch to Java 6 also implies you can build Codehaus Cargo on Java 9
  • Maven 3.2.2 or later is now required to build Codehaus Cargo
    Note: Even though we didn't block any older Maven 2 / Maven 3 version (APIs should be the ones as old as Maven 2.0), we do not test with any of these older versions
  • Dependencies have been simplified: dom4j, JAXB nor Xalan are not required to run Codehaus Cargo anymore, as we now switched to the standard Java APIs for DOM
    Note: Our dependency to jdom remains, as we use it for the creation of specific deployable XML POJOs
  • Our Javadocs now look much better, as the new Java version allows the optimal usage of @Override and other tags

In addition, we added support for TomEE 7.x (CARGO-1406); so you can keep on using the latest & greatest Java containers.

Feel like upgrading? Here come the instructions:


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