Class EnvironmentTestData

  • public class EnvironmentTestData
    extends Object
    Groups together all environmental test data (i.e. data that depends on how the user has configured its tests to run in Maven).
    • Field Detail

      • jakartaEeContainers

        public static List<String> jakartaEeContainers
        Containers that can only use Jakarta EE deployables.
      • containerId

        public String containerId
        Name of container to run (this is the container ID, see Container.getId(). We use it guess the XML name of the Ant task.
      • containerType

        public ContainerType containerType
        The container type (local, remote, etc)
      • installURL

        public URL installURL
        URL where the zipped container is located.
      • downloadDir

        public String downloadDir
        Location where to put the zipped distributions.
      • extractDir

        public String extractDir
        Location where to extract the zipped distributions.
      • port

        public int port
        Port on which to start the web container.
      • rmiPort

        public int rmiPort
        Port on which to start RMI.
      • containerTimeout

        public long containerTimeout
        Timeout to test if a container is correctly started or stopped.
      • configurationHome

        public String configurationHome
        Directory where container execution will happen.
      • containerHome

        public String containerHome
        Home for the already installed container (in that case extractDir and installURL are ignored).
      • javaHome

        public String javaHome
        Java Home used to start the container.
      • proxy

        public Proxy proxy
        Proxy properties if defined (can be null).
      • testDataArtifacts

        public Map<String,​String> testDataArtifacts
        Test data artifacts.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EnvironmentTestData

        public EnvironmentTestData​(String containerId,
                                   ContainerType containerType,
                                   String targetDirSuffix)
        containerId - the container's name (eg "resin3x")
        containerType - the container's type
        targetDirSuffix - relative directory from the base target dir where to put test-generated files
    • Method Detail

      • getTestDataFileFor

        public String getTestDataFileFor​(String artifactName)
        artifactName - the artifact for which to return the location (eg "simple-war").
        the location of the artifact as a string