Class IbmEjbJarBndXmiGrammar

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    public class IbmEjbJarBndXmiGrammar
    extends Object
    implements Grammar
    Websphere specific grammar implementation. Since websphere uses xml schemas to describe their descriptors and no general xml schema Grammar implementation exists we have to use a specific one.
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      • IbmEjbJarBndXmiGrammar

        public IbmEjbJarBndXmiGrammar()
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      • getElementOrder

        public List<DescriptorTag> getElementOrder​(String tagName)
        Returns a List of DescriptorTag that describes the order that elements can appear in a certain element accordingly to the grammar.
        Specified by:
        getElementOrder in interface Grammar
        tagName - the tag name to get the element order of.
        a List of DescriptorTag or null if tagName doesn't exist