Interface ConfigurationCapabilityFactory

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    public interface ConfigurationCapabilityFactory
    Allow finding a Configuration's capability for a given container identified by its id and its type. Indeed, configurations for a given container id may have different capabilities.
    • Method Detail

      • registerConfigurationCapability

        void registerConfigurationCapability​(String containerId,
                                             ContainerType containerType,
                                             ConfigurationType configurationType,
                                             Class<? extends ConfigurationCapability> configurationCapabilityClass)
        containerId - the id of the container to register against
        containerType - the type of the container to register against
        configurationType - the configuration type under which the capability should be registered
        configurationCapabilityClass - the configuration capability implementation class to register
      • createConfigurationCapability

        ConfigurationCapability createConfigurationCapability​(String containerId,
                                                              ContainerType containerType,
                                                              ConfigurationType configurationType)
        Create a ConfigurationCapability instance for a given container.
        containerId - the container id associated with the configuration capability
        containerType - the container type associated with the configuration capability
        configurationType - the configuration type associated with the capability
        the configuration capability instance matching the parameter passed