Class WebLogic9x10x103x12xConfigurationBuilder

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      • WebLogic9x10x103x12xConfigurationBuilder

        public WebLogic9x10x103x12xConfigurationBuilder​(String serverName)
        Sets the server name that the resources this creates are bound to.
        serverName - which server the resources configured here will be bound to.
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      • configureDataSourceWithImplementationClass

        protected String configureDataSourceWithImplementationClass​(DataSource ds,
                                                                    String className)
        In WebLogic 9.x DataSource definitions are located in separate files linked to config.xml. This method creates the definition of the datasource. This file must be linked to the config.xml to become useful.
        configureDataSourceWithImplementationClass in class WebLogic8xConfigurationBuilder
        ds - the DataSource we are configuring.
        className - the implementation class used for this DataSource
        a datasource xml fragment that can be embedded directly into the config.xml file