Class TomcatCopyingInstalledLocalDeployer

    • Method Detail

      • setShouldCopyWars

        public void setShouldCopyWars​(boolean shouldCopyWars)
        Whether the local deployer should copy the wars to the Tomcat webapps directory. This is because Tomcat standalone configuration may not want to copy wars and instead configure server.xml to point to where the wars are located instead of copying them.
        shouldCopyWars - true if the wars should be copied
      • doDeploy

        protected void doDeploy​(String deployableDir,
                                Deployable deployable)
        Do the actual deployment. This can be overriden.. We override the base implementation in order to handle the special Tomcat scenarios: if the deployable is a TomcatWAR instance and it contains a context.xml file that we need to manually copy.
        doDeploy in class AbstractCopyingInstalledLocalDeployer
        deployableDir - Directory in which to deploy.
        deployable - Deployable to deploy.
      • undeploy

        public void undeploy​(Deployable deployable)
        Undeploy WAR deployables by deleting the local file from the Tomcat webapps directory. Undeploy a Deployable from the running container. The service becomes unavailable for requests.
        Specified by:
        undeploy in interface Deployer
        undeploy in class AbstractDeployer
        deployable - the Deployable to undeploy
      • getDeployableName

        protected String getDeployableName​(Deployable deployable)
        Replace the slashes with # in the deployable name (see: CARGO-1041). Gets the deployable name for the given deployable.
        getDeployableName in class AbstractCopyingInstalledLocalDeployer
        deployable - Deployable to get the name for.
        Deployable name.