Class Jonas5xInstalledLocalContainer

    • Method Detail

      • waitForCompletion

        protected void waitForCompletion​(boolean waitForStarting)
                                  throws InterruptedException
        Ping the WAR CPC to verify if the container is started or stopped.
        waitForCompletion in class AbstractLocalContainer
        waitForStarting - if true then wait for container start, if false wait for container stop
        InterruptedException - if the thread sleep is interrupted
      • ping

        public int ping()
        Ping the JOnAS server.
        Return code from the JOnAS server.
      • setupExtraSysProps

        protected void setupExtraSysProps​(JvmLauncher java,
                                          Map<String,​String> configuredSysProps)
        Setup of the Extra required java system properties to configure JOnAS properly. The system properties depends on the JOnAS version.
        Specified by:
        setupExtraSysProps in class AbstractJonasInstalledLocalContainer
        java - the target JVM launcher to setup
        configuredSysProps - the configured system properties
      • doUsernameAndPasswordArgs

        protected void doUsernameAndPasswordArgs​(JvmLauncher java)
        Setup of the username and password for the JOnAS admin command call.
        java - the target JVM launcher to setup
      • doAction

        public void doAction​(JvmLauncher java)
        Configuring the target java ant task to launch a JOnAS command.
        java - the target java ant task to setup
      • getId

        public String getId()
        the short name of the container. Note: this is not a unique id. It is simply the name in a computer-usable format.
      • getName

        public String getName()
        the human readable name of the Container (ex: "Resin 3.x", "JBoss 3.0.8", etc).