Class JettyUtils

  • public final class JettyUtils
    extends Object
    A utility class to assist the Jetty containers.
    • Method Detail

      • getExtraClasspath

        public static String getExtraClasspath​(WAR war,
                                               boolean xml)
        Gets the extra classpath for the WAR as a single string suitable for use within the Jetty WebAppContext configuration.
        war - The WAR being deployed, must not be null.
        xml - true to escape XML markup in the result, false to return a plain string.
        The WAR's extra classpath or null if none.
      • createRealmFile

        public static void createRealmFile​(List<User> users,
                                           String etcDir,
                                           FileHandler fileHandler)
        Create realm (user, password and role) file.
        users - Users for which to create the file.
        etcDir - The etc directory of the configuration.
        fileHandler - File handler for writing the file.