Class Jetty5xEmbeddedLocalContainer

    • Method Detail

      • setSecurityRealm

        protected void setSecurityRealm()
                                 throws Exception
        Defines a security realm and adds defined users to it. If a user has specified the standard ServletPropertySet.USERS property, then we try and turn these into an in-memory default realm, and then set that realm on all of the webapps.

        TODO: this is not ideal. We need a way to specify N named realms to the server so that individual webapps can find their appropriate realms by name.
        Exception - in case of error
      • setDefaultRealm

        protected void setDefaultRealm​(Object webapp)
                                throws Exception
        webapp - the webapp to set the default security realm on
        Exception - invokation error
      • getId

        public String getId()
        the short name of the container. Note: this is not a unique id. It is simply the name in a computer-usable format.
      • getName

        public String getName()
        the human readable name of the Container (ex: "Resin 3.x", "JBoss 3.0.8", etc).