Class AntBuildListener

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    public class AntBuildListener
    extends Object
    Ant build listener used to collect logs from Ant tasks and to redirect them to a Logger.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AntBuildListener

        public AntBuildListener​(Logger logger,
                                String category)
        logger - the logger to which to log the Ant messages received
        category - the category to log to. Usually this is name of the class being logged
    • Method Detail

      • buildStarted

        public void buildStarted​( event)
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        buildStarted in interface
      • buildFinished

        public void buildFinished​( event)
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        buildFinished in interface
      • targetStarted

        public void targetStarted​( event)
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        targetStarted in interface
      • targetFinished

        public void targetFinished​( event)
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        targetFinished in interface
      • taskStarted

        public void taskStarted​( event)
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        taskStarted in interface
      • taskFinished

        public void taskFinished​( event)
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        taskFinished in interface
      • messageLogged

        public void messageLogged​( event)
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        messageLogged in interface