Class GlassFish3xAsAdmin

  • public class GlassFish3xAsAdmin
    extends AbstractAsAdmin
    Implements an GlassFish 3.x AsAdmin command.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GlassFish3xAsAdmin

        public GlassFish3xAsAdmin​(String home)
        Saves the GlassFish home directory.
        home - GlassFish home directory.
    • Method Detail

      • invokeAsAdmin

        public int invokeAsAdmin​(boolean async,
                                 JvmLauncher java,
                                 String[] args)
        Invokes asadmin using a Java container.
        Specified by:
        invokeAsAdmin in class AbstractAsAdmin
        async - Asynchronous invoke?
        java - JVM launcher.
        args - Invoke arguments.
        The exit code from asadmin, always 0 when using asynchronous invocation.