Class GlassFish3xInstalledLocalDeployer

    • Constructor Detail

      • GlassFish3xInstalledLocalDeployer

        public GlassFish3xInstalledLocalDeployer​(InstalledLocalContainer localContainer)
        Calls parent constructor, which saves the container.
        localContainer - Container.
    • Method Detail

      • deployResource

        public void deployResource​(Resource resource)
        This will be used to deploy JavaMail, JMS and Managed Executor Services resources only using create-javamail-resource, create-jms-resource and create-managed-executor-service respectively. Other resource types will be created using create-custom-resource. Deploy a resource. There is no undeployResource inverse function.
        Specified by:
        deployResource in class AbstractGlassFishInstalledLocalDeployer
        resource - resource to deploy.
      • createFileUser

        public void createFileUser​(User user)
        Does not do anything since GlassFish 3.x support was not tested. Calls create-file-user via asadmin to register a user.
        Specified by:
        createFileUser in class AbstractGlassFishInstalledLocalDeployer
        user - user to register
      • activateDefaultPrincipalToRoleMapping

        public void activateDefaultPrincipalToRoleMapping()
        Does not do anything since GlassFish 3.x support was not tested. Activates the default principal to role mapping. This allows groups defined in cargo.servlet.users to be used as the roles for the application.
        Specified by:
        activateDefaultPrincipalToRoleMapping in class AbstractGlassFishInstalledLocalDeployer
      • isJakartaEe

        protected boolean isJakartaEe()
        true if the the GlassFish container deployed on is Jakarta EE, false in the base implementation.